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National Day of KINdness

National Day of #KINdness is for our Club members to celebrate our founding (February 20, 1920) and commitment to serving the community's greatest need. Every community has a need for kindness and people performing selfless acts, and Kinsmen Club of Brockville spearheads this in the Brockville and area each year. We inspire others to #PassItOn

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Rick Jackson Day of KINdness 2020

2020 is Kin Canada's 100th Anniversary! For Kin Canada’s 8th Annual National Day of Kindness, as a way to thank the community for their on-going support and to celebrate the association’s long history of Serving the Community’s Greatest Need, members showed KINdness by bagging groceries at Metro grocery store in Brockville on February 22. 

In honor of a dear friend of the Club's, past President and member, who passed away in January, this year's Day of KINdness was named in memory of Rick Jackson.

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Bob Rannell Day of KINdness 2019

In memory of past Kinsmen Bob Rannell, on February 23, 2019 members had fun greeting people and bagging their groceries in bags provided by the Kinsmen Club and paying for random groceries to help inspire #payitforward.

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